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How covid has changed the world

Where it happened & Statistics


    The outbreak abruptly introduced tens of millions of workers to telecommuting, and data from the Coronavirus Disruption Project suggests a lot of them like it. Forty-two percent of survey participants said the experience has made them want to work from home more. More than 60 percent of those who are teleworking said they are enjoying the relaxed attire and grooming standards, greater flexibility and lack of a commute, and 78 percent said they are as effective or more so working from home.
    "I think there will be some upside” to this disruption that workers will want to preserve, says Debra Dinnocenzo, the president of VirtualWorks, a consulting firm that advises companies on transitioning to telework. “People, families, are going to be spending more time together,” she says. “I think people will be more adamant that they want more time to work at home and not go back to all the crazy commuting they were doing before."

    What's been reported

    I know for us working in the tech industry, the pandemic has meant remote work over an extended period. Productivity loss has not been much of an issue in our industry.


    The covid19 is a really getting annoying with everything that has been done by our government nothing seems to improve. nothing at all. This a really terrible situation.